KDJLaw's MP and Head of IPT speaks at the recent IPC seminar

9th July 2018

The Malaysia Bar Council’s Intellectual Property Committee (“IPC) recently held a one-day seminar for the legal fraternity. The one-day seminar was aimed to cater for both new and seasoned practitioners of Intellectual Property Law.


The seminar was designed to have two separate sessions. The morning session featured introductory presentations on the basics of intellectual property law, and three common intellectual property rights (“IPR”) – trade marks, copyright and patents. Speaking on this topic are Sri Sargunaraj from Christopher & Lee Ong, Kuek Pei Yee from Skrine and Michelle Loi from Shearn Delamore & Co.

For the afternoon session, Chew Phye Keat from Raja, Darryl & Loh presented on “Reconciling the Competition Act 2010 with Intellectual Property Rights”

The final programme was a forum, touching on the recent case of Eli Lilly on Patent Infringement. Cindy Goh the moderator is also the Co-Chairperson of IPC. She is from Chooi & Co + Cheang & Ariff. The speakers were Teo Boon Kwang from Wong Jin Nee & Teo, Indran Shanmuganathan from Shearn Delamore & Co, and Suaran Singh Sidhu from KDJLaw.

Around 100 participants turned up for this seminar. It is yet another successful event held by the Intellectual Property Committee.




















(from left): Speakers - Indran Shanmuganathan, Teo Bong Kwang and

Suaran Singh Sidhu (KDJLaw’s Managing Partner and Head of Intellectual Property and Technology).

Cindy Goh the moderator (from right)

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